Monday, August 1, 2011


First of all I would like to thank everyone for participating in D for Desserts event and making it a huge success. Dessert is something which paves its way to your stomach even if you are full. It’s so tempting, delicious and full of varieties. This time I received lots of entries from bloggers across the globe and it’s my pleasure to put the roundup of such a mixed variety of desserts. So, here goes the list.

Name Blog Name Dessert Name Image
Shobha Food Mazaa Custard Triffle
Suvidha Suvidha's Kitchen Semolina Halwa

Shobha Food Mazaa Mango Kulfi

Sadaf Afshan My Culinary Adventures Quick Pineapple Mousse

Sadaf Afshan My Culinary Adventures Easy Creme Caramel

Sadaf Afshan My Culinary Adventures Chocolate dipped strawberries

Vidya kurryleaves Mango ice cream with caramelized mango 

Divya Chevuri Divyascookingjourney Coconut Burfi 

Raven Chelanee Cook.Eat.Delicious! French Lemon Cream Tart

R & R Tadka Pasta Berry Blast - Red Berry Crumble

R & R Tadka Pasta Swirly Strawberry Rice

Akheela Torviewtoronto Strawberry muffins

Shobha Food Mazaa Peach and Strawberry cake

Shobha Food Mazaa Pineapple Jelly

Enjoy all the above delicacies and let me know if any correction is needed. 

I would like to thank Charitha of WomensEra2008 for giving me this opportunity of guest hosting her ARS event.

Suvidha A.

Friday, July 1, 2011


ARS Event is a series of event comprising of Alphabetical Letters successfully hosted by our dear friend Charitha on her blog Women’sEra2008. After the grand success of letters from A, B and C, I will happily be hosting her next letter D right here for her.

I am honored to be the guest host for the event and this month theme is D for Desserts.

Dessert is a course that comes at the end of a meal, usually consisting of sweet food. No meal is complete without a dessert. It gives a finishing touch to the meal and makes it perfect.

Common types of deserts are custards, fruits, pudding, biscuits, cookies, cakes, pastries, ice creams, chocolates, pies, sherbets, souffl├ęs, trifles and many more.

Actually “Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards”. So, forget about the calories, release all those stress and get engaged with a mind boggling dessert.

Event Details

Event Name : D for Desserts

Start Date of Entry : 1 July 2011

Last date of Entry : 20 July 2011

Event Round Up : End of July 2011

Event is open to all bloggers as well as non-bloggers. Anyone can mail their recipes with the photograph by the last date to

Multiples Entries are allowed.

Rules :

  • Although this is a vegetarian blog but eggs are allowed.
  • Anything that is sweet and qualifies to be a dessert is allowed.  
  • Use of logo is mandatory in your blog post.
  • Link your post to this post as it helps in spreading the word.
  • New entries are appreciated although old archives are allowed, just add the link as well as logo and re-post them.
  • Mark the subject as : “D for Desserts”.
  • Do include your name, name of your dish, complete recipe, blog name and url with the link to the dish and not to the home page (optional for non-bloggers), picture of the dish (small size preferably).

Send in your entries with all the above details by 20 July to

I am looking forward to all the tempting desserts.

Thank You

Ps: Adding this event to The Food Blog Diary

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Salad Decoration - 2

It’s summer time which also means that it’s time for salads. Salads are not only helpful in curbing out the heat but it is very healthy. Sometimes it is very difficult to make other people eat salads especially kids. Good ways to make them eat is by giving a nice presentation to it and tempt them to eat different shapes. This salad plate of mine is a very common one and you will find many people giving a try to this according to their imagination. Also, this can be modified to eat your favorite salad.  This salad plate doesn’t take much time but needs a little preplanning. As to give that shape to onions, you need to soak them for at least 2-3 hours. I have used coriander leaves as a base in this plate just to give another option for my salad decoration theme. You can always use grated radish or carrot.


1 large Cucumber (boat shape)                  2 Tomato
3 Onions                                                     1 Potato
Coriander Leaves                                       Grated Carrot
Green Chilly                                                1 Piece Bean


Take 2 onions. Peel them and give cuts to them keeping in mind that the root should not get cut. Soak the onions fully covered in COLD water for around 3 hours and give them ample space in the box to widen.

Take another onion, cut into rounds and keep aside parts of one round for decorating the boat (tire).
Cut the tomato into round shapes.

Take the cucumber and cut it half length wise. Scoop the content of one part and do not peel the cucumber.

Take one potato, cut two parts from it, one small and another little big. Give them round shape as much as possible. Stick both of them together to give a shape like teddy in the picture. Use cloves for eyes and mouth and top part of tomato for the teddy’s head. Use green chilly for hands.

Fill the boat with grated carrot or your favorite vegetable. Use split chilly for decoration and Onion for tyres.


Take a round shape plate. Put some coriander leaves as a base. Simply assemble everything as seen on the picture.

Enjoy the salad!!

Tip: You can use radish in place of potato for teddy. 


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Salad Decoration -1

So as promised, here I am with a very new feature in this blog. With all those tempting dishes on the dinner table, there is one more very common plate i.e. Salad. This is something which is there by default. We do everything from seasoning to garnishing to present our recipes as it is rightly said that first we eat with our eyes. So, why not do the same for our salads. This can be done very easily and takes minimal time. You just need to experiment with different things and just need to place them properly on the plate.

The salad plate doesn’t need much detailing as it is self explanatory. In case, you need to know something, leave a comment.

Basic things used in this plate are

Carrot for base

Tomatoes in pieces

Rad-dish in Mouse      

Beans as Mouse tail but can be substituted with a green chilly

Capsicum as a container for Onions

Coriander Leaves as garnish

So, be ready to amaze your guests next time with this simple salad decoration.

Ps: Sending this to Salad Spread Event 


Last week I received some very precious awards from Charitha of womensera2008. She is currently hosting a very innovative event too. The same award was passed to me by one of our another blogger friend Divya from divyascookingjourney

I would like to thank both of them for being so thoughtful and giving us such nice innovative recipes.

As per the rules of this award, I would like to share this with 15 of my fellow bloggers who have always given us a reason to try something new every day.

Richa Priyanka

Although there are some rules to claim and share these awards as started by the very first award distributing blogger.

1) You need to thank and link the blogger who has given you the award.
2) Copy all the awards in your blog
3) Nominate 15 or more fellow bloggers with their names and link in your blog post.
4) Comment on their blog and let them know about their achievement

Thanks a lot again and kindly collect it and do share it with your blogger friends.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Birthday

Happy Birthday to Suvidha’s Kitchen.

It’s been a year today since the first post on this blog and today writing the 34th post gives me the immense pleasure. I was thinking of starting a blog for some time but was not getting motivated with its idea, then my niece started her blog “Smita’s Desk” which somehow inspired me to start this and from then onwards it has gathered 30 followers, 76 comments and few awards till date.

Before Marriage I used to avoid cooking and in these 5 years I have started enjoying cooking and all the credit goes to my husband  who has always supported me in this and every venture and praised even my worst cooking.  

Many Thanks to all my followers who have been there on the blog and have supported it even when I couldn’t write a post for 3-4 months in 2010 year end due to excessive travelling and out of net connections. I would also like to thank all the people who visited my blog and left a constructive comment on all my posts. It was really encouraging to see people coming in and leaving their valued feedback.

I have been away from the blog for some time in between and couldn’t write posts. I wished that my first blog birthday post to be the 50th post but somehow couldn’t manage to do it but today i promise to compensate that in the coming year and hope to celebrate the second birthday with the 100th post.

On this first birthday, I would like to introduce something new in this blog. As this is a recipe blog, I am adding some different ways of decorating salad plates. I am going to attach some snaps of my salad plates which are very easy to make and doesn’t need any explanation on how to make it, but will give various ways on presenting the salad.

Many friends contact me personally and appreciate the blog but the right way to appreciate a blogger is to leave a comment or even better to become a follower if you really like it. I would request all my visitors to leave me a comment on the posts they like much or less.

I would like to especially thank people for commenting one of my post “Tomato Penne Pasta” which alone gathered 26 comments and inspired me to do my best.

Thank you again to all the regular readers of Suvidha’s Kitchen and lookout for my next post which will start a new feature “Salad Decoration” adding a feather to its cap.  

Monday, February 28, 2011


Recipe Coming Soon....

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Gobhi Manchurian is an Indo Chinese Appetizer and is always loved as a starter and goes well with any type of drink whether hot or cold. It is very simple and easy to cook recipe and takes very little time. In this recipe we have made its gravy which is a very thick one, only used to coat the cauliflower pieces. Then deep fry the cauliflower pieces coated with a batter. It’s a perfect blend of Indian and Chinese cuisine to give that extra effect to the recipe. You can substitute the cauliflower with small idli and make Idli Manchurian or any other substitute.


For Cauliflower Batter

1 small Cauliflower                                         ½ Cup Water
3-4 Tbsp Maida / All Purpose Flour                 Salt to taste
Oil for Deep Frying                                          ½ Tsp Garam Masala
2 Tbsp Corn Flour

For Gravy

2 Tbsp Tomato Ketchup                                 2 Tbsp Vinegar
1 Tbsp Chilly Sauce                                        1 Tbsp Soya Sauce
1 Small Onion                                                 1 Tbsp Oil
1 Pc Green Chilly                                            3-4 Tbsp Water
2 Tbsp Corn Flour                                           Salt to taste (if needed)


*) Cut the cauliflower into pieces.

*) Finely chop the onion and green chilly.

*) Mix Corn Flour with Water and put it aside. (For gravy)  



In a large pan, add all purpose flour (maida), corn flour, salt, garam masala and mix well.  Add water slowly according to your needs with regard to consistency. It should be thick. Make sure there are no lumps. Coat the cauliflower pieces in this batter.  Deep fry them until golden brown.


Switch on the flame, add oil. Let it heat and then add green chilly and onion. Fry it a little so that it becomes little soft. Remove the pan from heat and add tomato ketchup and chilly sauce. Mix it well and put the pan on heat. Add Vinegar and soya sauce. Mix well. Add pre mixed corn flour with water. Add salt if needed as the pieces also contains salt. Add coated deep fried cauliflower to this mixture and mix well. Dish is ready to be served.

PS: I am sending this recipe as part of Akila's "Dish Name Starts with G" Event.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Bottle Gourd commonly known as Lauki or Dhoodhi or even Ghiya is one of the most common vegetable which we get everywhere in India and even abroad. Though many people don’t like the taste of it but this vegetable is very common in Indian homes and is eaten as one of the regular traditional type of vegetable. This is a different version of the vegetable especially for those who don’t like to eat the simple plain bottle gourd curry. This is its modern kofta version in which we make koftas from bottle gourd and make separate gravy and eat it together as a feast. You normally don’t like to serve bottle gourd when you are hosting a party or serving some guests but definitely you can serve its kofta’s version. Bottle Gourd is also one of the most nutritional vegetable available in the market and is used for many purposes for example : It’s very efficient in weight loss. People drink its juice on a daily basis as it helps them reduce all those extra calories. (Though I haven’t tried it, but seen many people drinking its juice for weight loss).    



500 gms Lauki / Bottle Gourd                2 tsp Besan / Gram Flour
2-3 Green Chilly                                     1 pc. Ginger (grated)
Salt to taste                                           1 tsp Red Chilly Powder
Coriander leaves


2 medium sized Onions                          2 medium sized Tomatoes
1 Green Chilly                                         1 tsp Ginger (grated)
1 tsp Cumin Seeds                                 Salt to taste
1 tsp Red Chilly Powder                         ½ tsp Turmeric Powder
2 tsp Coriander Powder                         1 tsp Garam Masala
2 sticks Dalchini / Cinnamon                   2 pc. Bay leaves / Tej patta
1 Big Cardomon / Badi Elaichi                 3-4 Cloves
2-3 tsp Oil                                              2 pc. Peppercorns / kali mirch
2 pc. White Pepper                                1 pinch Asafoetida
Coriander Leaves for Garnishing


·          Make a puree of Onion and Tomatoes together.
·          Grate the lauki. Add ½ tsp Salt and keep aside for 5 minutes. Then squeeze the water from it and keep that water aside.  
·          Take Dalchini, Big Cardamom, Cloves, Peppercorns, White Pepper. Crush all of these to make a fine powder.



In a big bowl, add grated and properly squeezed bottle gourd. Add grated ginger, chopped green chilly, chopped coriander leaves, salt and red chilly powder. Mix all the ingredients well. We want to make koftas so the consistency should be sticky. Add besan to it so as to hold all the ingredients together. There should not be any water in this otherwise koftas will fall apart while frying. Add besan according to requirement. You can make any shape, size should not be very big. Deep fry all the koftas low flame till golden brown. Low flame is required otherwise it will not properly fry from inside. 


         Switch on the flame. In a pan, add 3-4 tsp Oil. Add Asafoetida and cumin seeds when oil starts heating. When cumin seeds start to splutter add crushed powder (made above). Stir them and add grated ginger. Let it heat for 2 minutes and add onion and tomato paste to it. Mix them evenly and cover the pan and sim the gas. Keep on stirring in between. Let it leave the oil. Then add salt, turmeric powder, red chilly powder, tej patta, coriander powder and mix well. Add the extracted water from bottle gourd (this is nutritious and has the flavor) and mix it well. Let it boil and then add ½ glass water to the gravy (you can put less water depending on the consistency u want). Give the gravy 2-3 boil and then cover the pan and let it cook on low flame. Keep stirring at intervals and make sure the the gravy is even and well blended. Sprinkle Garam Masala and let it cook. Add koftas to the gravy 5-10 minutes before serving and garnish with coriander leaves.

Tip :
*) You can apply oil to your palm before making balls to avoid koftas sticking on your hands.
*) Mix Kofta and Gravy before serving only otherwise Koftas might dry up the gravy.