Thursday, April 14, 2011

Salad Decoration - 2

It’s summer time which also means that it’s time for salads. Salads are not only helpful in curbing out the heat but it is very healthy. Sometimes it is very difficult to make other people eat salads especially kids. Good ways to make them eat is by giving a nice presentation to it and tempt them to eat different shapes. This salad plate of mine is a very common one and you will find many people giving a try to this according to their imagination. Also, this can be modified to eat your favorite salad.  This salad plate doesn’t take much time but needs a little preplanning. As to give that shape to onions, you need to soak them for at least 2-3 hours. I have used coriander leaves as a base in this plate just to give another option for my salad decoration theme. You can always use grated radish or carrot.


1 large Cucumber (boat shape)                  2 Tomato
3 Onions                                                     1 Potato
Coriander Leaves                                       Grated Carrot
Green Chilly                                                1 Piece Bean


Take 2 onions. Peel them and give cuts to them keeping in mind that the root should not get cut. Soak the onions fully covered in COLD water for around 3 hours and give them ample space in the box to widen.

Take another onion, cut into rounds and keep aside parts of one round for decorating the boat (tire).
Cut the tomato into round shapes.

Take the cucumber and cut it half length wise. Scoop the content of one part and do not peel the cucumber.

Take one potato, cut two parts from it, one small and another little big. Give them round shape as much as possible. Stick both of them together to give a shape like teddy in the picture. Use cloves for eyes and mouth and top part of tomato for the teddy’s head. Use green chilly for hands.

Fill the boat with grated carrot or your favorite vegetable. Use split chilly for decoration and Onion for tyres.


Take a round shape plate. Put some coriander leaves as a base. Simply assemble everything as seen on the picture.

Enjoy the salad!!

Tip: You can use radish in place of potato for teddy. 



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thats really awsm...very very creative....ll try.....thanks!!

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Wow wonderful dear! Keep rocking and happy to follow u dear!Anything as long as it is cool and suitable for the summer.

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That is so creative .. nice arrangement !

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