Friday, July 16, 2010


Also known as Rava Halwa or Sooji halwa. A purely indian delicacy, a very famous sweet , very easy to make at home within a matter of few minutes. This sweet is also used in indian festivals as a traditional sweet especially during fasts, navratris and pooja. The main ingredient of this is semolina and you can decide on how much to roast it depending on the taste and colour you want in the final product. If you want this to be made in 5-7 minutes, you can roast the semolina in advance and then it takes very less time.


1 Bowl Semolina                      1 Bowl Sugar
3 Bowl Water                             2-3 Tsp Chopped Almonds
5 Small Cardamon                   2-3 Tsp Coconut Powder
1 Tsp Oil


• Finely chop the almonds.
• Grind the cardamon to make its fine powder


Switch on the flame. Kepp the flame on low. Take a non stick pan, add Oil. Heat it. Add semolina to it. Mix it with oil. Keep on stirring it. It takes time and patience to roast semolina. Remember to keep the flame on low. You can roast the semolina in bulk and keep it in a airtight container. Smell will start coming once it is near ready. You can roast it from light brown colour to dark brown colour depending on the colour of halwa you want in the finished product. Some people prefer it to be white too.

On the second flame, put a pan and add water to it. Once it starts boiling, add sugar to it. We are not making its chashini, but mixing the water and sugar for the halwa. You can put it separately too after semolina is roasted.

When semolina is roasted add water and sugar mixture to it and keep on stirring. Add Cardamon powder and half coconut powder and half chopped almonds at this time. Mix it properly till the water is soaked.

Take out the halwa on a serving bowl. Garnish it with rest of the almonds and coconut powder, Dish is ready to serve.


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