Monday, March 12, 2012


HAPPY 2nd Birthday to Suvidha’s Kitchen.

It gives me immense pleasure to write a post today as this baby has turned 2 today!! Today I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers and followers who have always supported me with their patience, comments and likes. Even when I was not able to post anything for few months due to shifting, I keep getting comments and likes on the facebook page. Thanks a lot!! You mean a lot to this blog.

This blog will see lot of entries in the form of recipes, salad plates and contest soon as a compensation to all the regular and occasional readers.

Time actually flies, feels it was just yesterday when I was busy preparing the blog’s template and design and today it’s been 2 years.   

Thanks again for your constant support !!

Suvidha A.

Monday, August 1, 2011


First of all I would like to thank everyone for participating in D for Desserts event and making it a huge success. Dessert is something which paves its way to your stomach even if you are full. It’s so tempting, delicious and full of varieties. This time I received lots of entries from bloggers across the globe and it’s my pleasure to put the roundup of such a mixed variety of desserts. So, here goes the list.

Name Blog Name Dessert Name Image
Shobha Food Mazaa Custard Triffle
Suvidha Suvidha's Kitchen Semolina Halwa

Shobha Food Mazaa Mango Kulfi

Sadaf Afshan My Culinary Adventures Quick Pineapple Mousse

Sadaf Afshan My Culinary Adventures Easy Creme Caramel

Sadaf Afshan My Culinary Adventures Chocolate dipped strawberries

Vidya kurryleaves Mango ice cream with caramelized mango 

Divya Chevuri Divyascookingjourney Coconut Burfi 

Raven Chelanee Cook.Eat.Delicious! French Lemon Cream Tart

R & R Tadka Pasta Berry Blast - Red Berry Crumble

R & R Tadka Pasta Swirly Strawberry Rice

Akheela Torviewtoronto Strawberry muffins

Shobha Food Mazaa Peach and Strawberry cake

Shobha Food Mazaa Pineapple Jelly

Enjoy all the above delicacies and let me know if any correction is needed. 

I would like to thank Charitha of WomensEra2008 for giving me this opportunity of guest hosting her ARS event.

Suvidha A.

Friday, July 1, 2011


ARS Event is a series of event comprising of Alphabetical Letters successfully hosted by our dear friend Charitha on her blog Women’sEra2008. After the grand success of letters from A, B and C, I will happily be hosting her next letter D right here for her.

I am honored to be the guest host for the event and this month theme is D for Desserts.

Dessert is a course that comes at the end of a meal, usually consisting of sweet food. No meal is complete without a dessert. It gives a finishing touch to the meal and makes it perfect.

Common types of deserts are custards, fruits, pudding, biscuits, cookies, cakes, pastries, ice creams, chocolates, pies, sherbets, souffl├ęs, trifles and many more.

Actually “Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards”. So, forget about the calories, release all those stress and get engaged with a mind boggling dessert.

Event Details

Event Name : D for Desserts

Start Date of Entry : 1 July 2011

Last date of Entry : 20 July 2011

Event Round Up : End of July 2011

Event is open to all bloggers as well as non-bloggers. Anyone can mail their recipes with the photograph by the last date to

Multiples Entries are allowed.

Rules :

  • Although this is a vegetarian blog but eggs are allowed.
  • Anything that is sweet and qualifies to be a dessert is allowed.  
  • Use of logo is mandatory in your blog post.
  • Link your post to this post as it helps in spreading the word.
  • New entries are appreciated although old archives are allowed, just add the link as well as logo and re-post them.
  • Mark the subject as : “D for Desserts”.
  • Do include your name, name of your dish, complete recipe, blog name and url with the link to the dish and not to the home page (optional for non-bloggers), picture of the dish (small size preferably).

Send in your entries with all the above details by 20 July to

I am looking forward to all the tempting desserts.

Thank You

Ps: Adding this event to The Food Blog Diary

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Salad Decoration - 2

It’s summer time which also means that it’s time for salads. Salads are not only helpful in curbing out the heat but it is very healthy. Sometimes it is very difficult to make other people eat salads especially kids. Good ways to make them eat is by giving a nice presentation to it and tempt them to eat different shapes. This salad plate of mine is a very common one and you will find many people giving a try to this according to their imagination. Also, this can be modified to eat your favorite salad.  This salad plate doesn’t take much time but needs a little preplanning. As to give that shape to onions, you need to soak them for at least 2-3 hours. I have used coriander leaves as a base in this plate just to give another option for my salad decoration theme. You can always use grated radish or carrot.


1 large Cucumber (boat shape)                  2 Tomato
3 Onions                                                     1 Potato
Coriander Leaves                                       Grated Carrot
Green Chilly                                                1 Piece Bean


Take 2 onions. Peel them and give cuts to them keeping in mind that the root should not get cut. Soak the onions fully covered in COLD water for around 3 hours and give them ample space in the box to widen.

Take another onion, cut into rounds and keep aside parts of one round for decorating the boat (tire).
Cut the tomato into round shapes.

Take the cucumber and cut it half length wise. Scoop the content of one part and do not peel the cucumber.

Take one potato, cut two parts from it, one small and another little big. Give them round shape as much as possible. Stick both of them together to give a shape like teddy in the picture. Use cloves for eyes and mouth and top part of tomato for the teddy’s head. Use green chilly for hands.

Fill the boat with grated carrot or your favorite vegetable. Use split chilly for decoration and Onion for tyres.


Take a round shape plate. Put some coriander leaves as a base. Simply assemble everything as seen on the picture.

Enjoy the salad!!

Tip: You can use radish in place of potato for teddy.